Sam Flax is Orlando's premiere destination for all your marbling needs. Easy Marbling with Marabu brought to you by Sam Flax are based on organic solvents that are dry to the touch after approximately 15 minutes. Creating fantastic marbling effects in a matter of seconds with Marabu Easy Marble allows you to create a high quality finish with minimal effort.

Marabu Easy Marbling paint comes in 22 different colors and are organically based.

Tool Overview

Standard Comb: Used for making the Nonpareil pattern (sample shown above), and used as a preliminary step for making the Bouquet, Feather, and several other patterns. Five teeth per inch is the standard spacing and yields a traditional Nonpareil. This comb is perfect for beginners!

Rake: The rake features nails spaced at 2" and can be used alone or as an addition to the comb for making the French Curl, Feather, and Birdwing. The rake is usually used lengthwise in the tray, so it is generally longer than the other tools.

Double Rake: The rake features nails spaced at 1.5" and can be used alone or as an addition to the comb for making the Bouquet, Peacock, Frog Foot, and Thistle patterns.

Scraper Stick: The scraper sticks are used to skim the excess paint from the surface of the size between prints. Fits into a standard cookie tray!

Plastic Broomstraw: This is a bundle of black broomstraw containing enough straw for you to make 10 to 12 whisks (by wrapping a rubber band around the end of about 50 strands, as shown). The broomstraw is used for sprinkling onto the size.

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