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The Art of Custom Picture Framing | Sam Flax Orlando

Sam Flax Orlando The Art of Custom Picture Framing Ed Sanderson

With over twenty years of Custom Framing experience, I have learned that functionality combined with aesthetic components are key to pairing the perfect frame with your

treasured piece of art, photograph or heirloom object.

     Anyone who has ever resorted to using a ready made frame quickly finds out that they have their limitations and when they do, buyer’s remorse quickly follows. Yes, buying a custom frame can be expensive but the benefits to making a bespoke frame that compliments without competing with your art is worth every penny when it comes to displaying something that you want to display for generations. I am often surprised how easily clients will be willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a meal or libations with nothing to show for it yet they have reservations about immortalizing an heirloom or beautiful painting to enjoy forever. The “bang for your buck,” is well worth the investment when you realize you can enjoy it for a lifetime.

     What makes custom framing intimidating is more often than not the price. Spending money on something you can enjoy for a lifetime is a smart investment that will not only secure your treasured keepsakes, but increase their value. There are several factors that make a custom frame successful. Obviously the first is the frame. Not all frames are created equally or serve every client’s needs. Frames come in thousands of profiles, textures, colors and sizes which can be overwhelming when presented with so many options.

     When a client comes in with a photograph or piece of art, I determine what would compliment it without competing with it. You wouldn’t want to pair a high gloss frame with a vintage document just as you wouldn’t put a barnwood frame on a contemporary abstract.

The frame is the foundation to an eye catching design.

     Ornate frames are typically the most expensive and have their place when you are framing something with a simple composition such as a portrait. But a simple satin profile works best when the composition is complex or busy. A frame should always compliment without competing with an image. Adding mats and fillets is an art in itself. With thousands of options in color, finish and textures, mats can help draw the viewer’s eye into the image while creating a contrast and clear delineation of each component. Fillets are small decorative frames used to line a mat which takes the overall aesthetic to a whole new level.

     The way an image is mounted also plays a key role in the overall look of a framed piece. Archival dry mount options, as well as stretching canvases, can help eliminate unsightly creases or tears in a particular image.

     Finally, glazing is one of the most important elements in frame design. Glass comes in a variety of options including regular and non glare, as well as UV protection. Museum glass is virtually invisible and magically eliminates glare while still offering UV blocking properties.

Let our team of professional framers help you design a frame for generations of enjoyment and see why we are voted Central Florida’s best Custom Frame Shop!

Sam Flax Orlando Custom Picture Framing

Custom Picture Framing | Sam Flax Orlando

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