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Wide Format Printing

UP TO 60”

Canvas, Watercolor, & Photographic Papers

Digital Image Capture

For your convenience, we are happy to capture and optimize your original work into a digital format. Please ask for separate pricing.

Canvas Stretching

This is our most popular ready-to-hang option. Your print will be stretched onto high quality, precision-cut bards. A variety of depths are available to best suit your needs.

It All Begins With The State of the Art Equipment

The Canon 9400 was designed with artists and photographers in mind. It boasts an incredibly large color spectrum that is produced by the 12-Color Lucia Ex pigment ink set. This ink system also provides a better scratch resistance and smoother gradiations. Another key feature is borderless printing to the maximum 60″.

Who else would you trust with your art?

Our wide format printing department is staffed by working artists who have had years of experience, both personally and professionally, with the process. They are here to provide you with the confidence that your projects will be held to the same exceptional standards they expect in their own work. We are happy to guarantee your satisfaction in every step of the process.

Contact the Printing Department: 

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Requirements & Information

File Specifications:

CD or USB, please i.d. .tiff format / 300dpi or higher in the desired print size. RGB or grayscale flattened with no layers or channel masks. Image capturing is available.


Your prints will be sized to the exact dimension of the digital file. If you want a border of any type, it must be integrated in the digital image. Canvas giclée’s will require a 3″ border for stretching canvas.


The customer will be required to verify that all elements of their image are original and under no copyright protection. Any image files provided will be secure and used in no other manner than to satisfy your print order.


We utilize monitor calibration software and an ICC profile specific to our printer to best insure a 90-95% degree of accuracy of color match to your original. However, some colors may fall outside the gamut of what the printer, inks, or media can product. To best satisfy color correctness, 8×10 proofs will be provided until the best color match is achieved. The client will then sign-off on the appropriate color version before large scale printing will proceed.


A copy of your digital file will be kept for one year from the last print date. Additional copies of the file may be requested during that time without additional setup fees.


Fingerprints transfer easily and are magnets for dust. Handle your prints with clean hands (cotton gloves are recommended). For optimal protection from moisture and sunlight, framing behind UV rated glass is recommended.

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